XPSell 1.1

Allow players to sell their XP for money!

  1. StaticJava
    == XPSell Official Page/Info ==

    Welcome to the official documentation and download page of the newly released plugin, XPSell! This plugin is very intuitive and simple, and adds an interesting Economy add-on to your server.

    Have you ever imagined the ability to sell your XP Levels and Orbs for money? Have you ever imagined the ability to choose how many of these you sell at once, without losing all of your hard-earned XP? Well...I present to you...XPSell!

    Once installed, users will be able to sell a custom amount of XP Levels/orbs, provided they have enough. They will then receive money as defined in the config. Please note that you MUST HAVE Vault installed, and a supported Economy plugin, or this plugin will not work!

    == Commands ==

    • /xpsell help - Shows the help dialog and all commands.
    • /xpsell reload - Reloads the configuration for XPSell.
    • /xpsell 10o - Sells 10 orbs, provided I have 10 orbs. Note that you can choose any number, so 17o would also work.
    • /xpsell 10l - Sells 10 levels, provided I have 10 levels. Note that you can choose any number, so 17l would also work.
    == Permissions ==

    Note that a Vault supported permissions plugin is NOT required here, but is preferred for other plugins to work correctly.

    • xpsell.redeem - Allows the user to sell/redeem orbs and levels.
    • xpsell.reload - Allows the user to reload the configuration for XPSell.
    That's pretty much it for the documentation! Feel free to download it on the right, and please leave feedback below so I know what to introduce in the next versions and fix any possible bugs that may occur while using the plugin.

    The installation procedure is the same for most plugins - just drag and drop into your plugins folder.


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  1. Updated to 1.7.9

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  1. otakuXzack
    Version: 1.1
    I'd like to change the currency type or what it says. All and All it is a good plugin