XPSignStorage Version 2.1

Store XP within signs

  1. Orendigo
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    • 1.16
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    Write '[XP]' on the first line of a sign to create an XP sign. The sign will automatically generate the rest of the information. Right-click to add XP to a sign, crouch + right-click to remove XP from a sign. Currently the only option is to transfer all XP at once, which may be editable in the future.

    This plugin uses an SQLite Database implementation to save the owner, amount, and location of the XP sign, rather than relying on the physical sign to store the information. As such, the signs are impervious to being edited via external sign-editing plugins, and will retain their stored XP upon recreation in the same location if they are broken via unintentional means (piston movement, leaf decay, block physics, etc).

Recent Updates

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