XRayDetector 1.0

Caught x-ray using this plugin!

  1. bramar
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    This plugin is made for catching x-rayers.

    - /xraydetector help = Shows help page
    - /xraydetector config = Change the config ingame (Resets when the server reloads / restarts)
    - /xraydetector notify = Not get notified with reports as a staff!
    - /xrayreport <player> = Reports a player (There is a 3 minute cooldown. Can be bypassed with perm "xraydetector.bypass"

    - Tells all staff / console that someone is mining ores
    The message format is: "(Prefix) >> (Player_Name) found (BLOCK) at location (X_LOCATION), (Y_LOCATION), (Z_LOCATION). Click to teleport!"
    - You can add any block id in config.yml to make staff know that someone is mining that block
    - You can change the prefix of the plugin. The default is "X-Ray Detector"
    - You can change the notify type ingame or in config.yml

    For notify type in config.yml:
    Notify type:
    1 = All staff
    2 = Console ONLY
    3 = All players including non-staff
    4 = No Notify
    5 = Console and Staff
    6 = Console and All players including non-staff
    If you put a number not 1 - 6, the plugin will shut down!

    The default of notify-type is 1 (All staff)

    - xraydetector.cmd = Do /xraydetector
    - xraydetector.notify = Get notified when someone is mining one of the block listed in config.yml
    - xraydetector.bypass = Bypass the cooldown of /xrayreport
    - xraydetector.* = All permission to this plugin!

Recent Updates

  1. You can now report xrayers!