Xrayer Patrol V1.11.2

Punish Xrayers witrhout having to run an Anti-Xray and without having to ban-XRayers

  1. Wintergrasped
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    What Is Xrayer Patrol:
    Xrayer Patrol or just Xrayer is a super simple, Lightweight and effective way for you to prevent an Xrayer from damaging the balance of your server economy and taking all the diamonds in a certain Area.

    How Does it Work?:
    Xrayer works based on a Watch list when a player is added to the watch list the plugin tracks the amount of stone they break and compares it to the amount of Diamond they break. if the ratio is too close IE mining directly too ores the plugin flags them if they get flagged 4 times it activates punishment (Punishment is they cant break Diamond or Emerald Ore). This watch list style allows the plugin to be lightweight as it does not have to log or listen to all block events of all players it just watches the players on the watch list.

    Op Only Commands (Permissions Support Coming Soon):
    - /xry {PlayerName} - adds a player to the Xrayer watch list
    - /cxry {PlayerName} - Checks a players Xrayer stats
    - /isxry {PlayerName} - Immediately flags and activates punishments for the specified player.
    - /clrx {PlayerName} - Clears a players Xrayer stats and flags in case of false positives

    This is the minimum ration of Diamond to stone that a player can have before being flagged as Xraying ratio is Diamond Mined / Stone Mined
    minRatio: 0.20