XRayHunter v1.2.0

Hunt X-Rayers using CoreProtect

  1. R4zorax
    Want to catch those pesky x-ray cheaters that keep ruining your server-economy?

    The XRayHunter can help you do that!

    It is EXTREMELY simple, but allows you to leverage the potential of CoreProtect, to identify and investigate possible x-ray cheaters.

    NOTE: Requires CoreProtect (v2.0.8 - v2.12.0)

    /xhunt lookup <time> - Shows a top10 of players finding diamonds and other sensible ores within the time-frame
    /xhunt lookup 1d - Will list all activity within the last day (24 hours)
    /xr l 72h - Will list all activity within the last 72 hours
    /xhunt l 5h30m - Will list all activity withing the last 5½ hours.

    /xhunt detail <index|name> - Shows a detailed break-down of the veins found by the player
    /xr d 1 - Displays the top-most miner, from the last lookup.
    /xr detail R4zorax - Shows the details for R4zorax (provided he was in the last lookup).

    /xhunt teleport <index> - Teleports the player to ore-find at the supplied index.

    /xr tp 1 - Investigate the latest ore-find.

    • Only one for now xhunt.use
    Currently no metrics is being gathered, but that will come
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Recent Reviews

  1. sannielollie
    Version: v1.2.0
    Perfect plugin, using it for a couple of years now. Never experienced any issue with the plugin, its just flawnless. Thank you!
  2. kpearce
    Version: v1.1.0
    This is a very nice plugin, but I had a suggestion that should be added to it..
    Perhaps you should make it notify the staff members just like foundboxx once a player finds an ore so that it helps us catch the xrayers faster, it will be a really nice addition.
    1. R4zorax
      Author's Response
      There is a lot of other addons for that (FoundDiamonds come to mind).
      This plugin does not listen to the block-breaks, so it cannot sound a warning in "realtime".
  3. WasabIII
    Version: v1.1.0
    Really nice plugin for ban cheater using Xray ;)
    Thanks man ;) Work perfectly! :D
    1. R4zorax
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the nice words - I like it too - no XRayer gets away with it :D