XRP Tipper 1.0.1

In-game tipping on the XRPL!

  1. FlareCraft
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Are you a server owner/admin looking for new ways to cover your hosting costs? Perhaps you want an in-game way for players to tip you directly for all your hard work. Or maybe you're a player who wants to send XRP to all your friends in game. Well consider the XRP Tipper, the first Minecraft plugin that integrates directly with the cryptocurrency XRP!

    The XRP tipper provides an in-game way for players to make crypto currency payments both to players and the server host. The plugin integrates with the XUMM smartphone wallet to provide fast, frictionless, and secure tips between the player and server owners.

    Server operators: Simply setup an XRP wallet, XUMM account, and point the plugin config at their wallet’s public address. Detailed setup instructions for server owners can be found here.

    For Players: Once you have a XUMM wallet, using the XRP Tipper is simple with three commands

    Use “/xrpRegister” to register your address with the server

    Scan the QR code link provided to authorize that you want to make transactions.

    Use "/xrpSend [player] [amount] to send XRP to another registered player on the server.

    Use “/xrpTip [amount]” to tip an amount of XRP to the server owner

    Your XUMM app should push a payment request notification to your phone that you accept to make the payment go through, easy!

    See a full player tutorial here.

    FAST: The XRP Ledger takes on average 3 seconds to process payments.

    FRICTIONLESS: The in-game payment flow is super simple. Register once and accept payment requests on your XUMM app in near real-time.

    SECURE: Utilizing the XUMM app’s payment request functionality, players can be secure in knowing that they won’t accidentally make a transaction. In the event that a player’s Minecraft account is compromised, your funds will be safe! The XRP Tipper has no control over them!