XToolz 0.0.1

A simple way to execute complex commands

  1. SciencePie
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    • 1.16
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    This is a simple plugin for Minecraft which allows for some new commands to be added to the game. These commands range from downright useless but fun to completely mandatory to have a successful server. The plugin is simple, and easy to use (just copy the *.jar file to your "plugins" folder and you're golden).

    This version, if you do not already know, is the original 0.0.1 release, which is highly experimental. It has a few experimental commands which you can play about with, and also has some great command documentation over at the GitHub page for the project (https://github.com/sciencepi/XToolz) if you are interested. Because the commands are pretty well documented on GitHub, I suggest you check it out, but if you don't really want to be clicking on any off-site links, I can give a brief listing of the commands below [I may/may not have copy-pasted it from the GitHub page*]


    /gp: This command lists the players in a server, as well as if they are online.

    /taa: This command is highly experimental and will only be availiable in this version. It gives the player it is used by the permission player.admin, allowing them to execute commands. as of the next release, this will be depricated.

    /giveadmin <player>: This command gives the permission player.admin to a specific player, and also has a safety feature - if you don't posess the permission player.admin already, you can't execute this command.

    /amsg <message>: Sends an admin message to all players.

    /warn <player> <reason>: This command is highly useful if you need to warn a player for breaking the rules. This command can only be issued by players with the player.admin permission.

    /elevate <velocity>: It's not really that hard to understand - it shoots a player up into the air at a certain velocity. This can only be executed by moderators (player.admin).

    /gcube <cxheight>: This command is pretty useless - it generates a cube cxheight in the X, Y and Z directions made of cobblestone. Can only be executed by moderators.

    /egcube <cxheight>: Similar to /gcube, /egcube erases a cube in the X, Y and Z directions. Also can only be executed by moderators.

    /gsh: This command is highly experimental, and creates a GUI onscreen. So far, this command does nothing.

    /announce <colour(0-6)> <timeout> <message>

    The /announce command is relatively easy to use. Set a colour, a timeout (in ticks) and a message to display, and the command handles all the rest. It simply creates a bossbar with an announcement written on it. The bossbar's health or progress is used to show how much time is left before it disappears. This command can only be issued by moderators.

    Have fun with this spigot plugin!