xWarn 0.1

Want to be able to warn your players? this is the right plugin for you!

  1. Trimzy
    Hi guys,

    I'm Trimzy (therockstar95)

    This is a plugin that took a short while to make so enjoy :D

    This plugin will allow those with the permission to
    use the /warn command & warn players.

    How the plugin works:

    The player with the plugin first being installed has (4) chances.

    the moderator & or admin will do /warn <player> <reason>

    If the player gets warned (3) times they get kicked and a final warning message.

    The forth time they will be banned.

    useage: /warn <player> <reason>

    default: op

    Extra info:
    Only use (1) phrase for the warn reason.

    For example

    /warn therockstar95 Spamming

    The _ and spaces WILL NOT WORK.


    Please report bugs in the comments!