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    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
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    Adds New Weather Types For Minecraft that can Naturally Occur!
    Essential for any SMP Server that wants to have an unique experience!

    Want even more destructive, dangerous and unique weather types than XWeather?

    XWeatherPlus Source Code: https://github.com/Ccamm/XWeatherPlus

    XWeatherPlus Weather Types

    One of the most destructive natural disasters is now in Minecraft! Houses will crumble, caves will fall in, bridges will collapse or even cracks will form when there is an earthquake!

    Earthquakes are disabled by default because of how destructive they can be, but can be enabled in the config.yml.

    Earthquake Cracks naturally occur during an Earthquake and will consume everything above it to the depths below.

    The length, width and depth of cracks caused by earthquakes are all configurable inside the config.yml. Cracks can also start via command as well.

    Meteorites rain down from the sky explode onto the surface, leaving behind enormous craters.

    The size of the explosion, fire and frequency can all be changed in the config.yml. You can spawn individual meteorites by command as well.

    A very deadly type of rain storm where acid drops fall all around the player. If you are hit by one you will be poisoned by the acid!

    The potion effects of the poison can be changed inside the config.yml.

    Warning! Heavy Rain does not work 100% as shown above in Legacy versions due to the Spigot API for Minecraft versions 1.10-1.12.

    XWeather Weather Types

    Link: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/...minecraft-essential-for-any-smp-server.62733/

    A Tornado is a potentially deadly weather type that sucks any player or mob nearby inside!
    They are unpredictable and can randomly change directions as shown below

    You can set the size, suck radius and duration of all tornadoes inside the configuration file.

    It does take some time to load each Tornado (depending on how long they run for), in order to prevent the server from experiencing any lag.

    If Tornadoes are causing a lot of lag reduce the load time and size of the tornado.

    If you are frightened of a normal Tornado sucking you in, imagine that with Fire! Fire Tornadoes are for more destructive than normal Tornadoes by also causing massive fires. Expect to see entire forrests, villages and houses to be burnt down.

    Fire Tornadoes start naturally when a Tornado goes over fire, lava or magma, but can be started via command. By default fire tornadoes won't naturally occur, due to their extremely destructive behaviour.

    Sandstorms have sand blowing up and have high wind speeds that can push players and mobs.

    You can modify how the effect looks for players inside the configuration file.
    However, avoid spawning too many particles, especially in a small area because this can cause some lag.

    A cold bitter storm that causes heavy snow fall. Get your shovels out afterwards because you will have some driveways to clean.

    You can modify if the snow level should increase, and how frequent snow increases.

    Windy conditions cause dirt to be blown in the air and can blow away entities!

    You can change how many particles are used, how fast players should be blown away and if a sandstorm should start as well when windy conditions occur.

    Hail rains down from the sky and crashes down into the world below. Watch out for the Hailstones, they will hurt you!

    The number of Hailstones (Snowballs) can be changed inside the configuration file. Keep this number low to prevent lag on your server.

    Similar to the default thunderstorm, but with more frequent, closer lightning strikes.
    Be careful wearing or holding any metal outside during a thunderstorm, you might be hit!

    You can modify the frequency of the lightning strikes, if metal should attract lightning strikes and how close should lightning strike to players.
    Heavy rainfall that results in the flooding that can destroy crops or drown players!
    Be careful enabling this because it can result in some permanent world damage.

    Flash floods are disabled by default, but can be enabled inside the config.yml. You can also modify the rate at which flooding occurs and the affected radius around a player.
    A nice subtle type of weather where rain droplets fall around the player while it is sunny.

    You can modify how many droplets are seen around the player in the config.yml file.
    Sit underneath the stars and watch the shooting stars fly across the sky.
    You will only be able to see the shooting stars during the night.

    You can modify the size and speed of the stars inside the config.yml
    A bit of a silly weather type where it literally rains Cats and Dogs.

    xweather.admin: Allows the player to use all xweather commands.

    /xweather set [weather type] [optional duration] [optional world]:

    Starts the specified weather type. If no duration is provided then the weather will run for the default time set in the configuration file.
    The world option is not needed for tornadoes because they will start near the player using the command.
    /xweather reload:
    Reloads the configuration file.

    /xweather stop [optional weather type] [optional world]:

    If no weather type is specified, then it will stop all of the custom weather types currently occurring.​
    If you want to prevent dangerous, player or world affecting weather types in a particular region, use the region flag no-xweather.
    Be cautious because although the flag will prevent these weather types from occurring inside, weather can still affect it.
    For an example, if flash flooding occurs just outside of the region, it will not prevent the water from the flooding to enter the region.


    XWeatherPlus Only Works On Spigot,Paper,.. Versions 1.13 and Up
    XWeather Only Works On Spigot,Paper... Versions 1.13 and Down

    Just Download .jar file and drop to plugin folder and then /restart server or load plugin with some plugin like Plugman

    • Craftbook with the config setting mechanics.snow.place set to true. This setting in the Craftbook config.yml must be set to false or else it will cause immense lag if a hailstorm is occurring.
    Nearly all messages, commands and names of weather types can be translated in the language.yml

    If you have a translation to a different language, send me a message of your language.yml and I will post it here with credit to you.

    --- END ---

    This plugin belongs to Ccamm, his copyright, I don't have to steal the plugin, I'm just the one who coded and merged the plugin from his Source File on Github.
    Thanks for download , This plugin is very very interesting but has been abandoned
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    Version: 1.0.0
    Thank you for compiling this GitHub Source.
    The original Dev Cramm never made a Spigot Compile to it.
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    Everything seems to be working fine on server 1.16.5.
    As can be seen as a fork of XWeather, I have checked keeping XWeather / XWeatherPlus. Wowww, it's amazing that XWeather + causes so much less lag than the original. Very good!
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      thanks for your review
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    Version: 1.0.0
    this plugin has potential, but is very poorly optimized... at the moment it is a lag machine
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      It's True, im just recode this plugin from source of Ccamm :<, also i dont have free time to think about this resource, sorry about that