Yet Another Healer 1.4.1

Heal players quickly.

  1. BlazarYT
    Yet Another Healer is a very basic plugin allowing you to heal players.

    I have had to stop working on this plugin because I messed up my project file on eclipse and no matter how hard I try it does not work. If I can somehow fix this in the future then I will possibly start working on this plugin again.

    • /heal <player> heals the selected player
    • yah.heal Gives access to /heal
    Default Configuration:
    sound: true
    healed-message: true​

    Coming Soon: nothing anymore, sadly the plugin is dead at the time ;-;
    • Particle effects around the healed player
    • Configuring what sound and particles are used
    • Configuring messages
    Please feel free to try it yourself and also share it around!
    View on BukkitDEV: here

Recent Updates

  1. Started making configs
  2. Fixed Permission Bugs
  3. Added Permissions