Yeti Juice 2.0

A powerful energy drink that will satisfy hunger and thirst, and provide essential electrolytes.

  1. Jammel29
    Jammel29 and Anton
    The elusive juice of the Yeti is what makes them so strong.
    • It satisfies both hunger and thirst.
    • It is a quick replacement for a meal.
    • This new Yeti oil is free.
    Try it today to put the Yeti hair on your chest! Just simply install the plugin made by Jammel29 and assistant Anton, and use the command /yj to drink the juice fresh from the Yeti. Typing in a players name after /yj will allow you to give YetiJuice to another online player!
    Commands: /yj to drink yeti juice. /yj (name) to heal another player.


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  1. The gift of giving YetiJuice

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    Version: 2015-08-09
    Another awesome plugin Jammel! Glad you started listing them for free :)