YMLBook 1.9

YMLbook is simple book customizing / writing plugin.

  1. exel80

    YMLbook is simple book customizing / writing plugin.
    You can easily write books as much you want. Example your server rules, admin and moderator list, donation links, tutorial how to use game/commands and everything what you want. Just write book information to books.yml and players can copy it and read it.

    OldBukkit thread: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/ymlbook/

    Latest Version Changelog: https://spigotmc.org/threads/ymlbook.74252/#post-820329



    • You can make as many books you want.
    • Really easy to use and setup.
    • Can make sign which give the book.
    • Admin command, give the book to player.
    • Can customize every world own start books.
    • Config variable(s) -> {BOOKS} (Show all books name from books.yml)
    • Only bookgive and bookreload commands work now in Console.
    • http://minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Formatting_codes works. (Dont use alt codes)
    • Give permission each book (ymlbook.book.BOOKNAME).
    • Automatically make new page (one page can be 255 length).
    • You can full customization messages.
    • Can add lore text to the book.
    • Can see all books with one command.
    • Permissions & commands.


    Command / Permission
    Command | Description | Permission
    /book <bookname> | Get the book, if have permission | ymlbook.use
    /booklist | Show all book what exist | ymlbook.booklist
    /bookgive <player> <bookname> | Give book to player | ymlbook.bookgive
    /bookreload | Reload config.yml and books.yml | ymlbook.reload

    Other permissions
    Permission | Description
    ymlbook.book.* | Give access to use/copy all books
    ymlbook.book.NAME (ex. ymlbook.book.readme) | Give access to use/copy one book.
    ymlbook.signbook | Can make sign which gives the book.


    Todo list
    • Make "alt code" to work.
    • /bookcopy <bookname> (Add book from Minecraft to book.yml file)
    • Books variable, new page (Start new page right away)
    • Book name. @Boby360
    • Any suggestions?
    Known bugs
    If you find any bugs please report it to the manager
    • YMLBook sign event not working (in Creative mode)
    • "Alt codes" break the books.yml file



    Language: Portuguese - Credits Video: AbsintoJ


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Recent Reviews

  1. MsDemonicRaven
    Version: 1.9
    Please update. Would like to have the bookcopy command. The yml file is a little too confusing. It would be nice if we can write the books in minecraft then save it to the file.