YoCobbleX [1.15.2 - 1.17.1] 2.2.0

CobbleX plugin that with the latest versions!

  1. CobbleX Crafting has been added!

    Version: 2.1.0
    Config Version: 2

    - Custom CobbleX recipe added! It does not differ in anything from the recipe that is well known to us. If required, the recipe can be turned off in the configuration file.
    - In connection with the addition of the recipe, it has been added the ability to set whether the "/cx" or "/cobblex" command should replace the cobblestone with CobbleX. Due to the addition of this function, a line has been added in the "messages" field called "bad-usage-player", which is displayed only when using this command when its main function is disabled.
    - Something like configuration version has been added. When the version in the code does not match the version in the file, the server will not start. The configuration version will change as the configuration file changes. It will be listed in each update description at the top.

    With the update, please reset the configuration file or add new lines to the old file, which will be published on the plugin page.
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