YoutubeNickname 1.1.0

Change your name to famous Minecrafter/Youtuber Name !

  1. GamerAndi_LP
    Change your name to famous Minecrafter/Youtuber Name !
    If you want more famous Players, please give me Examples.
    It were very cool, if you donate to this Project so I will make more Plugins and continue this Plugin, too !

    Version : 1.1.0

    All Commands yet :
    - DnerDrk : /dner
    - GommeHD : /gomme
    - List Commands : /nlist
    - MyName : /myname

    Of course there many people, who want that the Developers make Permissions. I will make this, too, if you like or want to donate to that Plugin!

Recent Reviews

  1. Scorpion
    Version: 1.0.1
    I like the idea but couldnt people just do /nick <name> and they would set their name as that anyway? Maybe adding a permissionized feature where people can change their name so it has 2 functions instead of just this could make it more usefull than trying to combat against name changing plugins(Would get you more downloads)
    1. GamerAndi_LP
      Author's Response
      First thanks for this Comment !
      I will try to update this Plugin with your idea !
      If you have any other idea just comment again ! =D