YTVidAdScheme 1.0

A way to loosely link YouTube channels and servers!

  1. DarkbyteAT
    Well, the plugin is simple:

    It's used to link small YouTubers and servers together by allowing servers to embed a link to a YouTube video made by one of these. To be honest, I made this for my own personal gain as I am a brand-new YouTuber (at the time of this post: Link to channel)

    There are 2 permissions:

    ytvidad.use: Allows you to use the /ytvid command. This command sends the player a predefined message in the console.

    ytvidad.reload: Reloads the configuration and updates the messages sent on the server.

    Code (Text):

    prefix: '&0[&4YTVid&fAdScheme&0] &6'
    linkMessage: 'The link to the video is: &c'

Recent Updates

  1. Small update to permissions