ZenaFactions - Discord 0.1

Discord Add-On for the ZenaFactions plugin

  1. Smuups
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    Discord Add-on for the ZenaFactions plugin!

    • links your ZenaFactions install to your discord server
    • automatically creates a new channel for each faction
    • messages are sent in channels informing members of important faction events, like declarations of war, players joining/leaving, and much more!

    • ZenaFactions (version 0.1.16 or higher)

    To add the discord bot to your discord server, you have to create a discord bot first, give it Admin permissions using OAuth2 and then copy its token into the config file for this plugin. More details are available in the config file and on the wiki.

    Bug reports and feedback
    Since the plugin is still very much in development, there will be many bugs. You can report bugs HERE.