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Adds role-playing functionality to your game using factions!

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    • 1.16
    ZenaFactions is a plugin that introduces factions into your game. This plugin is still very much in development, consider it a Beta version. It probably contains quite a few bugs. On the more positive side of things, since I'm actively working on the plugin (expect updates every day/ every couple of days) these should get fixed quite quickly. I'm also very open for feedback on current mechanics/features and suggestions for future features.

    Why use this plugin instead of a more mature one?
    This plugin is still heavily under development. This means that I'm very interested in server owner feedback. Consider yourself a b├ęta tester, in return for which you will probably receive the features you desire. So, ZenaFactions is a fairly decently specced, yet sometimes buggy alternative to other faction plugins with the benefit of your requested features most likely ending up in the plugin.

    Current Features
    • Faction Economy [Vault integration]: Factions have their own bank accounts, accessible to high-ranking members.
    • Faction Loans: Factions can create loans to make money using their large cash reserve. Once a loan has been created, a player can take on a loan. Once the loan expires, the total amount + interest will be deducted from the player's account. If the player doesn't have enough money to pay for the loan, a new loan with a higher interest rate will be created.
    • Faction Warps: Factions can create warps. Warps are only available for members within a faction, and cost money to use. Warps can be restricted to certain ranks and can be taxed (faction makes money from a player using their warp)
    • Faction territory [GriefPrevention integration]: ZenaFactions has GriefPrevention Integration; players can only create GP claims within their Faction Territory! Claiming the wilderness costs faction influence.
    • Wars: Factions can go to war with each other to steal influence and territory [WIP!]
    • Dynmap Add-on [Dynmap integration]: I also made a dynmap add-on that displays faction territory and warps (more to come in the future)
    • Discord Add-On [Discord integration]: I created a discord add-on for the plugin that integrates your discord server with your ZenaFactions install. The discord bot sends messages of ZenaFactions related events to your discord members!
    • Performance: almost everything this plugin does is handled on a separate thread, so it won't slow your server thread down much.
    • Faction Banners: Faction leaders can add a custom banner to their faction that members can use in their builds
    • Customizable Ranks: players can create an unlimited amount of their own custom ranks/roles and assign permissions to each role. This includes permissions for warps!
    • Vault (Latest version)
    • GriefPrevention (Latest version, GPRealEstate jar works too)
    • Java Runtime Environment supporting at least Java 11

    Bug reports and feedback
    Since the plugin is still very much in development, there will be many bugs. You can report bugs HERE.

    If you have suggestions for features, you may comment down below! I'll try to reply quickly. You can also submit a feature suggestion form HERE.

    Dynmap Add-On
    Check out the Dynmap add-on for ZenaFactions by following this link

    Discord Add-On
    Check out the Discord integration add-on for ZenaFactions by following this [link]

    Need help getting started with the plugin? Visit the community wiki!

    Based on suggestions by you!
    • Discord Integration: Finished!
    • Revamp of ranks and permissions: Finished!
    • Alliances and Wars overhaul: add alliances between factions, not sure about the specific mechanics. Finish the wars system, make new system for making demands etc.
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