ZEnchantmentCore v1.3.0-beta

API for creating custom enchantments.

  1. ZEnchantmentCore v1.3.0-beta - IMPORTANT

    It is highly recommended to upgrade to this version. However, previous implementations of this API will have to be heavily modified.

    Patch Notes
    • Regrouped classes into core and utils packages
    • Renamed CoreEnchParent to CoreEnch
    • Added EnchantmentUtils
      • Functions as a utility class for various methods that may be useful
    • Enchantments are no longer created from the constructor, but rather by extending an abstract class CustomEnch, and the CustomEnchListener should no longer be used (extended) in client plugins
      • Every custom enchantment should have its own class that extends CustomEnch, filling in the methods accordingly
      • Instead of extending the CustomEnchListener like before, you now specify each event per class
      • More info about specifying events will be available on the wiki.
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