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ZetaHoppers [Hoppers limiter & Hopper-Tube limiter] 1.1

Simple plugin that controls hoppers count in area and hopper-tube length

  1. Zorioux
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    is an easy use plugin to control hoppers from abuse
    1. full control on hoppers count in area (can be 0, so no hopper can be placed)
    2. full control on hoppers tube (hoppers connected to each other, can be canceled, so no hopper connect to another)
    3. control over hopper loops
    3. full configuration on the plugin
    4. lite and user friendly

    Demonstration video:

    Limited hoppers in 21x21x21 area (25 hopper), all configurable

    Limited hopper-tube length, configurable

    Hopper loop control

    /zetahoppers reload -instant config.yml reload

    /zh, /hoppers


    HopperLimit.bypass to bypass hopper limit in area
    HopperTubeLimit.bypass to bypass hopper-tube limit
    HopperTubeLimitLoop.bypass to bypass hopper-tube-loop if it is disabled
    ZetaHoppers.Reload access to /zh command

    Installing instructions:
    1. place the plugin in your plugins folder as usual
    2. run the server and wait for full load
    3. go to ZetaHoppers config, and edit how you wish the plugin to work
    4. do /zh reload and you are ready to go

    if you loved this plugin and helped you managing your server and increasing performance, please consider donating to us, thanks for using our plugins and services

Recent Updates

  1. Added editable messages in config

Recent Reviews

  1. Yasss
    Version: 1.0
    Clean and easy ! nice plugin
    just add a way that we can change messages ( for translation)
    1. Zorioux
      Author's Response
      Added that feature, thanks for review