ZetaTournament [multi-arena pvp tournaments] 2020-10-21

Multi-arena pvp plugin

  1. Zorioux
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    Great and simple easy plugin to make your own pvp events
    hosts your events and make your members enjoy watching matches and players killing each other!

    1. Custome kits and potion effects support
    2. multiple arena fights at the same time, launch your 100 1v1 fighters at once
    3. User-friendly plugin, everything editable in-game commands
    4. all queueing and starting matches are accessible from the console, easy way to host matches even if you are away from game

    check "/ZetaTournament help" for all easy access command
    aliases: tor, tour

    - ZetaTournament.Add
    - ZetaTournament.CreateArena
    - ZetaTournament.CreateKit
    - ZetaTournament.DeleteArena
    - ZetaTournament.DeleteKit
    - ZetaTournament.Help
    - ZetaTournament.SetSpawn
    - ZetaTournament.Start
    all are access to spicifc sub command

    How to install:
    1. drop the plugin, in your plugin folder in server files
    2. reload your server by stopping it and starting again
    3. you are ready to go, use /tor help

    How to use commands:
    1. create an arena with /tor createArena <name>
    2. setpoints using /tor setspawn <arena name> 1/2
    3. fill your inventory how you want a kit to be, add to yourself all the potion effects you want the fighters to have in this kit
    then do /tor createkit <kit name>
    4. queue your fighters with /tor add <arena> <kit> <player1> <player2>
    5. queue as many as you want, make sure to use a different arena for every different fighters
    6. start using /tor start , all the fighters will teleport to fight with their enemy

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Recent Reviews

  1. Espinete87
    Version: 2020-10-21
    I came here looking for something than the famous "duels" doesnt do, tournaments, so i download yours, and surprise, is the same! just 1v1 fights, not TOURNAMENTS. Nice mate, you should change the name or add the Tournament feature.
  2. Maxlego08
    Version: 2020-10-21
    In the idea your plugin is good but it is really badly thought for the user, having to add each player by hand to create a duel is really bad. Otherwise your code is pretty much fine. Just don't use yml as storage and avoid reading/writing to a file when the server is online. Your plugin allows to have only one round, it's not really a pvp tournament. Your plugin just allows duels between two players but not really exploited.

    I encourage you for the continuation of your plugin
    1. Zorioux
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the honest review and for giving critical points about the issues, I will do my best to implement your ideas and hope we satisfy your needs