Zeus Stream 1.0

Reward Streaming on your Server!

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    • 1.16

    This Plugin is the perfect solution to rewarding Streamers, of small and large audiences, on your Server. Simply give permissions to your Streamer friends and Players, and when they go Live, they can type a command and advertise this to the whole server. This means that your Streamers can promote your server, and also gain more viewers through the Players on your server being given direct access to their stream.

    Also, the Plugin automatically reminds Players about ongoing Streams every so often (defined by the Time value in the Config), meaning that new Players on the server who missed the initial announcement can jump in and watch the Streams.



    Code (YAML):
    prefix: '&7[&bZ&eS&7]&r'
    : 900 #The Time between each Stream Announement.
    This effortless config allows you to change the Plugin's Prefix, allowing you to integrate it straight into your own style and Server! Not only that, but you define how often Players are reminded of ongoing Streams.


    - zs.stream
    Allow the Players access to use the /Live command, set their User and Link, and output Live Announcements.

    - zs.admin
    Allow the Players to reload the config, and Toggle Stream Announcements off.


    - /Live
    Toggle Live Status. Use when Stream starts and Stream ends.

    - /Live SetUser
    Set Stream Username before Stream starts.

    - /Live SetLink
    Set Link where Stream will be Live before Stream starts.

    - /Live Toggle <Name>
    If a Streamer logs off without toggling their Stream Announcements off with /Live, simply use this command to turn them off.

    - /Live Reload
    Reloads the Config, allowing the Prefix and Time value to be updated.


    This Plugin also comes with a file named "lang.yml", which contains all of the string outputs the plugin uses when messaging a Player. Feel free to change these to whatever you wish, or translate them to your language of choice.


    If you're looking for help, then please feel free to join my Discord Server.

    Discord Invite Link

    Before making a bad review, please bare in mind that this is a Free-to-use Plugin, and that, despite me working hard on it and making it as properly as possible, there may be bugs and issues. I am willing to assist you / fix up the Plugin, and I'm even open to suggestions for new features. If you're having any trouble at all, just join the Discord and post in the correct channel, and I'll make sure to get back to you as soon as possible (Usually within the hour unless I'm asleep).

    Thanks a lot for checking this out, and if you're feeling generous enough to donate, I'll buy myself a pizza or something!

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Recent Reviews

  1. daynti
    Version: 1.0
    A genuinely creative way to gain Players on a server, and give back to those that Stream on my server. Thank you!
    1. ZeusCodeDev
      Author's Response
      That's lovely to hear that you enjoy the idea, I hope it helps to bring new Players and keep those vital Streamers happy.