ZHorse 1.8.2

Enjoy the advanced horse management and protection features provided by ZHorse !

  1. Z3dd7
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Zedd7, Schneidertm, Sikatsu1997, Sanamia, Abrahan, Montlikadani, ozy_rys, GouLiGuoJiaNaive
    Languages Supported:
    English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Hungarian, Polish, Chinese

    Servers running MC 1.14 and later may encounter issues when using /zh list and /zh info. This is liked caused by a bug with Trader Llamas that this snapshot of ZHorse 1.8.3 should fix.

    ZHorse's job is to provide an enhanced management of horses in Minecraft. It ranges from giving custom names to your horses to teleporting them if you happen to lose one. This plugin is highly customizable since you can edit any word showing up in the chat and define how ZHorse should work by editing the config.

    • Claim any wild horse, donkey, mule or llama.
    • Spawn horses with custom appearance and statistics.
    • Name, rename and edit at will your claimed horses.
    • Watch your horses names take the color of your permission group.
    • Exchange your horses with other players...
    • Or put them up for sale !
    • Protect your horses against a customizable list of damages.
    • Lock your horses to prevent any theft attempt...
    • But share them with your friends !
    • Teleport your horses to you, or yourself to your horses.
    • Send them back to their stable.
    • Resurrect them with their full inventory.
    • Set you preferred language and horse.
    • Store your data with MySQL or SQLite.
    • Go through the list of commands to discover all the features !
    • Spigot 1.16.x
    • Vault 1.7.x
    • Java 8
    • (MySQL 5.7+)


    • Check the To Do list on GitHub !
    • Take a look at the Config, Locales (EN, FR, DE, NL, ES, HU, PL, CN) or the Tips and tricks page if you encounter any difficulty !
    • Feel free to suggest me your ideas or report your bugs via a new issue on GitHub !
    • Please note that English is not my native language, so let me know if I wrote something weird on this page or anywhere else ;)

Recent Updates

  1. MC 1.16.1 update
  2. Auto-completion update
  3. Performance update

Recent Reviews

  1. serega100
    Version: 1.8.1
    This plugin is really good for using. However, It don't have any API.
    Create one API class is not difficult, but other developers will able to create many things like horse shop, custom horse command, etc.
    1. Z3dd7
      Author's Response
  2. LLizzerCookie5
    Version: 1.7.1
    This plugin along with CytologicHorses / stHorses and Stables makes for one hell of a cool Horse-centered experience, thank you :D
  3. EnderDesiredName
    Version: 1.7.1
    really well-made plugin can i add the link of my language support on other language? thank you for great plugin. :D
  4. NarWell
    Version: 1.6.9

    Me encanto demasiado el plugin, men sigue así espero la próxima actualización :D, podría agregar mi network como test IP: SpaceNW.ml o podría poner el link que le dejare así le aparecerá como imagen y estado del server todo pro xD.


    I also love the plugin, I will wait for the next update :D, you can add my network as an IP test: SpaceNW.ml or I could put the link that I will leave as well as the status and image of the server all pro xD.

  5. trippsie
    Version: 1.6.8
    Great plugin! I can use this so people can donate toe the server and have a private horse that nobody can steal! Maybe add so taht you can choose if a horse can be killed when someone is riding on it!
  6. PawPawDude
    Version: 1.6.8
    Immensely useful, esp. in worlds where horses are used widely. Dev has thought of all the basics, including stables, protection, resurrection and more. Can completely customize any horse to spawn. Also handles llamas, donkeys, etc. Wow.
  7. Momibelle
    Version: 1.6.8
    GREAT plugin. Thank you so much for keeping it up-to-date and awesome. Many (virtual) horses out there are whinnying in thanks, too.
  8. Geelknijn
    Version: 1.6.8
    Great plugin. Best for horse management (1.12.1). Saddle back on death would be nice extra setting. Thanks for pluginn!
  9. NicoNeko
    Version: 1.6.5
    Great great great! Best plugin for Horse Management. :) ............................................
  10. DaDMaR777
    Version: 1.6.3
    Working Great
    Have some more STAR's thanks