ZHorse 1.7.1

Enjoy the advanced horse management and protection features provided by ZHorse !

  1. Zombie update

    1.6.7 :
    • Updated to Spigot 1.12.0.
    • Added the command /zh rez.
    • Added config option Settings.rez-stack-size.
    • Added config option Settings.restore-inventory.
    • Added the list of dead horses to /zh list.
    • Added /zh admin burial sub-command.
    • Added a page system to /zh help and /zh list.
    • Allowed players to use control command on friends' horses.
    • Added 'adult' argument to /zh spawn.
    • Added new damage causes to the config.
    • Made owner field being updated when a horse is bought, claimed or given.
    • Fixed lost horses not being respawned even when their data are available.
    • Fixed /zh rename applying the wrong color when executed on someone else's horse.
    • Fixed /zh admin clear crashing when executed on a horse for sale.
    • Fixed horseID inconsistencies when claiming an already claimed horse.
    • Fixed minor english misspellings. (thanks to vueu)
    • Revamped the plugin overview on Spigot and CurseForge.
    • Added a GitHub wiki to hold the entire plugin documentation.
    • Added a template for new issues on GitHub.

    • You must either regen config.yml or add the new entries manually (See file content as of 1.6.7 : config.yml).
    • You must either regen any provided locale_XX.yml file or add the new entries manually (See file content as of 1.6.7 : locale_EN.yml, locale_FR.yml, locale_NL.yml).
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