ZHorse 1.7.1

Enjoy the advanced horse management and protection features provided by ZHorse !

  1. Stable update

    1.6.8 :
    • Added the complex command '/zh stable'.
    • Added the /zh stable sub-commands 'go', 'set' and 'unset'.
    • Added the config option 'Settings.stable-max-range'.
    • Added the config option 'Settings.use-default-stable'.
    • Added the config option 'Settings.default-stable-location'.
    • Added the stable location to /zh info.
    • Added a cooldown system for commands.
    • Added the config options 'Commands..cooldown'.
    • Added the command flag '-v variant' as a parameter for /zh spawn and filter for /zh list, /zh admin burial and /zh admin clear.
    • Added the horse variant to /zh list.
    • Added the horse variant to /zh info.
    • Made /zh spawn use ground location when the player is flying.
    • Added an automatic fix for corrupted horse lists.
    • Made /zh admin clear work with corrupted horse lists.
    • Fixed /zh give corrupting giver's horse list.
    • Fixed chat output crashing if containing the character '$'.
    • Added German localization file. (thanks to dargndorp & Sanamia)
    • Fixed minor English misspellings. (thanks to vueu)
    • Added bStats chart Average horse count per owner.

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