ZHorse 1.7.1

Enjoy the advanced horse management and protection features provided by ZHorse !

  1. 1.13 update

    1.7.1 (Spigot 1.13)
    • Updated to Spigot 1.13.
    • Please read this if you are updating from 1.6.9 !
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  2. Edit update

    1.7.0 (Spigot 1.12.2)
    • Added the command '/zh edit'.
    • Added Spanish localization file. (thanks to Abrahan)
    • Added Hungarian localization file. (thanks to montlikadani)
    • Fixed possible database corruption of 1.6.9.
    • Please read this if you are updating from 1.6.9 !
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  3. Unnamed update

    • Added the config option 'Settings.send-to-stable-on-owner-logout'.
    • Added the config option 'Settings.allow-taming-of-undead-horse'.
    • Made empty messages not being displayed at all in the chat.
    • Fixed /zh rez not fully restoring the inventory in some cases.
    • Fixed /zh rez <horse name> not registering the new name.
    • You must either regen config.yml or add the new entries...
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  4. Stable update

    1.6.8 :
    • Added the complex command '/zh stable'.
    • Added the /zh stable sub-commands 'go', 'set' and 'unset'.
    • Added the config option 'Settings.stable-max-range'.
    • Added the config option 'Settings.use-default-stable'.
    • Added the config option 'Settings.default-stable-location'.
    • Added the stable location to /zh info.
    • Added a cooldown system for commands.
    • Added the config options 'Commands..cooldown'.
    • Added the command flag...
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  5. Zombie update

    1.6.7 :
    • Updated to Spigot 1.12.0.
    • Added the command /zh rez.
    • Added config option Settings.rez-stack-size.
    • Added config option Settings.restore-inventory.
    • Added the list of dead horses to /zh list.
    • Added /zh admin burial sub-command.
    • Added a page system to /zh help and /zh list.
    • Allowed players to use control command on friends' horses.
    • Added 'adult' argument to /zh spawn.
    • Added new damage causes to the...
  6. Messaging update

    1.6.6 :
    • Added pending messages system for offline players.
    • Added command /zh settings swap.
    • Added command /zh settings stats.
    • Added config option Settings.use-exact-stats.
    • Made percentage sign of horse stats being added automatically if needed.
    • Allowed players to mount and claim foals (baby horses).
    • Added config option Settings.allow-foal-riding.
    • Added missing protections to the config.
    • Added message for...
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  7. Economy update

    1.6.5 :
    • Added "/zh buy" and "/zh sell" commands.
    • Added horse price to "/zh info".
    • Added display of horse's stats upon right-clicking a horse on sale.
    • Made command price change color according to player's money.
    • Allowed '-p' to be used instead of '-t' as player flag.
    • Made "/zh give" assign default protections instead of inheriting them.
    • Added homemade auto-reconnection to MySQL.
    • Added <currency> locale flag.
    • Renamed...
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  8. Respawn update

    1.6.4 :
    • Updated to Spigot 1.11.2.
    • Made horses stats and inventory being registered and updated in database.
    • Made missing horses being re-spawned at their last known location (with identical stats and inventory).
    • Added config option Databases.mysql-config.table-prefix.
    • Added config option Settings.respawn-missing-horse.
    • Made portal events use world crossability to decide whether teleportation is allowed or not....
  9. Horse stats update

    1.6.3 :
    • Added config option Settings.use-vanilla-stats for /zh info and /zh spawn.
    • Reworked /zh spawn to allow crazy stats (0%, 200%, ...) in admin mode (-a).
    • Enabled back the duplication checker.
    • Fixed /zh free not removing lost horses from the database.

    • You must either regen config.yml or add the new entry manually : Settings.use-vanilla-stats: true
  10. Llama update

    1.6.2 :
    • Updated to Bukkit/Spigot 1.11.0.
    • Fixed incompatibilities with 1.11.0.
    • Added llamas support for all commands.
    • Added chest size to /zh info.
    • Added llama color and strength to /zh spawn.
    • Added distance limiter in config for /zh here and /zh tp.
    • Fixed /zh free not working if used from horse back.

    • You must update to the very last version of...