ZipExtractor 2.1.0

Extract and Compress ZIP, RAR, JAR, PACK, and XZ archives through minecraft.

  1. Release 2.1.0 - Added Tab Completion for File Paths

    Release 2.1.0
    This update adds tab completions for file paths with the setsrc and setdest commands. This functions similarly to tab completion in bash, start typing the file and press tab to traverse the file tree. A new configuration option has been added to allow disabling tab completions. Please update your configs....
  2. Release 2.0.0 - Sponge Support, Major Refactor

    Release 2.0.0

    This update adds support for Sponge API 7.1. The project has been modularized into three subprojects, ZipExtractor-Bukkit, ZipExtractor-Sponge, and ZipExtractor-Core. All Bukkit functionality has been ported to Sponge. If anything is missing or broken, please file an issue.

    The permissions have been slightly changed. On sponge, omit any wildcards for the same functionality....
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  3. Release 1.2.3 - Fixed Junrar Vulnerability, Dependency Upgrades

    Release 1.2.3

    This update includes an update for Junrar to resolve a vulnerability affecting versions < 1.0.1.

    • d4cb6ed Upgraded dependencies.
      • com.github.junrar:junrar:3.0.0
      • org.tukaani:xz:1.8
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  4. Release 1.2.2 - Full Support for 1.13

    Release 1.2.2

    This update disables Spigot's compatibility layer. Earlier versions of ZipExtractor will work on 1.13, however this update disables any additional overhead.

    • c8644ab Disabled Spigot's compatibility layer to remove any additional overhead on 1.13.
  5. Release 1.2.1 - Performance increases and Code Optimization

    Release 1.2.1
    This release contains a general code cleanup and several optimizations to task performance.

    • 6807c64 caa2340 Optimized Jar Provider. Extractions from Jar providers now use the JarInputStream strategy, performance...
  6. Release 1.2.0 - Added Support for More Archives

    Release 1.2.0

    • Switched to a provider system for compressions as well.
      • Now, during compressions, the format used will depend on the destination directory. If your destination is, the plugin will compress to .zip format. If your destination is MyOutput.txt.xz, the plugin will compress to .xz format.
      • More information on the new file types has been added to the...
  7. 1.0.0 Release

    • Added provider system to allow for easier support of more file extensions.
    • Added a Tabcompleter to make usage of subcommands easier.
    • Added system to scan for conflicts during extraction/compression.
    • Added configuration option to halt processes if the scan shows one or more files will be overriden.
    • If that configuration option is enabled, a user will need an extra permission to perform the override (zipextractor.admin.override.extract/compress).
    • Added...