ZombieApocalypse [8 Zombie Types! ] 1.1

A plugin inspired by Dream’s ‘Minecraft, But It’s a Zombie Apocalypse’

  1. 3ricL
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    3ricL (Ericdebouwer)
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    You can translate everything in the configuration!
    This plugin is inspired by a recent video of Dream, called “Minecraft, But It’s a Zombie Apocalypse”. I have made this work myself and am I no way affiliated with Dream.
    With this plugin you can toggle the ZombieApocalypse for each world! Once it has started all monsters will be replaced with custom zombies. There are currently 8 different types of custom zombies and I plan on making more! Every zombie also has a custom spawn egg, so you can test them out. Of course this plugin has full text configurability and command auto-completion.

    Inspiration for this plugin

    Getting started

    Stop your server. Download the jar file from the top of this page and put it in your plugins folder. Restart your server and you are done! If you want you can change the values from the config.yml file at any time. Simply reload/restart your server for these changes to take effect.

    The command /apocalypse manages the zombie apocalypse and can be abbreviated to /apo.
    • /apocalypse start [world_name] - Start the zombie apocalypse in the specified world. If you don’t provide a world name, it will do this for your current world. If the world is of type nether, it will spawn pig zombies instead of normal zombies!
    • /apocalpyse end [world_name] - End the zombie apocalypse in the specified world. If you don’t provide a world name, it will do this for your current world.
    The command /zombie allows you to get spawn eggs for the new types of zombies.
    • /zombie <zombie_type> - Get a spawn egg of the specified zombie type. If the egg is used in a nether world, it will spawn a pig zombie of it’s custom type.
    • apocalypse.* (default: false) - Gives a player all permissions stated below
    • apocalypse.manage (default: op) - Allows a player to use the /apocalypse command
    • apocalypse.command (default: op).- Allows a player to use the /zombie command to get spawn eggs.
    The configuration has a lot of settings and allows you to customise many aspects. This is of course optional, as it has sensible defaults. For specific details please read the header in the configuration file or ask a question on the discussion page (not the review page).

    Zombie types
    • Boomer: explodes when killed!
    • Multiplier: spawns 0 to 4 normal zombies when killed
    • Default: exact copy of Minecraft's default zombie
    • Ninja: extra fast, harder hitting but very vulnerable
    • Sprinter: extremely fast
    • Tank: very slow and beefy, hits very hard and cannot be knocked back
    • Thrower: launches player up and away when it attacks
    • Jumper: Can jump five times as high as a regular zombie
    • Pillar: Spawns a pillar of 2 to 5 zombies stacked on top of each other!
    • Coming soon....

    Questions, bugs or feature suggestions?
    Please DO NOT use the review section for bugs, start a conversation with me instead!
    Feel free to ask a question about the plugin on the discussion page. If you have an idea how this plugin could be improved let me know! This is the first release so it will probably be improved!

    Let me know if you like this project! If you really love this plugin, you could consider donating to help me with the upkeep of this project.
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