ZombieTroll | Clik Me ! 2015-10-15

Troll the player when he right click on a Zombie named Clik Me !

  1. HardKill24
    Hello everyone,
    Today, I upload my sixth Skript:

    When en player right-click on a Zombie*, the npc send a message for the player and he give a Diamond Sword. The player right-click with the sword on the zombie, he give 1000$ and after few seconds, he took 1000$, push up the player with a message and took the sword.

    First Clik: &a&lZombie &8: &c&lRight-Click on me with diamond sword and I will give you something !

    • Second Clik: &a&lZombie &8: &3&lYou have been trolled !

    By default the name of the Zombie is: &a&lClik Me !


    No needs permissions !

    • Citizens 2:

    Put the Skript into /plugins/Skript/scripts
    Put Citizens 2 into /plugins

    In the chat:
    Type: /sk reload all

    For test the skript:
    • Create a NPC named "&a&lClik Me !"
    • Type: /npc type Zombie
    • Right-Click on the Zombie
    • Enjoy !

    Test Server:
    [Premium | 1.8.8]

    Post your problems and your ideas into the discussion

    If you have an idea for a Skript add me on Skype: hardkill24

    I hope you'll enjoy my ressource !

    ^.^ *I'm French* ^.^

    The Zombie