ZombieVsPlayer v2.9.6-2_1.9

Zombie Minigame - Fight against zombies in highly configurable arenas

  1. Aubli
    Welcome to ZombieVsPlayer

    About this Plugin

    ZombieVsPlayer or ZvP, is a round based mini game in which you can fight against zombies. Alone or with friends, all is possible! ZvP is equipped with a lot of different features, such as an item shop, an appealing scoreboard and the high adaptability independently for each single arena. You can also run more than one game simultaneously. Want some gameplay first? No problem. Check out the videos in the end of this page.

    ZvP makes use of the MCStats project which sends some statistics to their network. You can disable it in the config file if you want.


    • random or custom spawn locations
    • highly configurable
    • easy, normal and hard mode
    • optional spawn protection
    • optional pre lobby
    • starting kits
    • inbuilt shop system
    • optional Vault economy integration
    • scoreboard statistics
    • Open Source
    • under active development

    Commands & Permissions

    Have a look at the zvp wiki page. You will find information about commands and permissions.


    Every configuration file contains a detailed description for each option.

    Kit Configuration

    The Kit system provides two standard kits but you can also add your own. Starter kits can be chosen individually on game start or can be disabled completely. Kits can be disabled in their own respective configuration file.

    6 little steps to add your own Kit:

    1. Clear your Inventory or at least make some space for your kit.
    2. Put your kit together, enchant it, improve it how you like.
    3. Add an item, that represents, your kit to your inventory. It will be used as an icon.
    4. Type /zvp addkit [Name of your kit here] in your chat window.
    5. Put your kit in the appearing inventory and close it.
    6. Put the icon item in the next Inventory which appears right after, and close it as well.
    How to remove kits:
    1. Type /zvp list kits in your chat window to list all kits.
    2. Type /zvp removekit [kitname] in your chat window.
    Notice that you can only remove custom kits! But you can disable or edit them in their config file.

    Shop Configuration

    ZvP provides a default set of items which can be fully modified.
    The shop configuration is structured into two parts:

    Sign Configuration

    ZvP use signs for several things.
    1. Join a game [​IMG]
    2. Display information about arenas [​IMG]
    3. Shop interaction [​IMG]

    Language Configuration

    ZvP can manage all kinds of languages.
    Look here for an detailed Language Setup.
    Currently available language files provided by ZvP are:
    • English
    • German
    • Hungarian
    If you want your language in the plugin, translate it
    and send the file per e-mail to: [email protected]
    or Create a pull request on Github.

    Arena/Lobby Setup

    How to setup Lobbys:
    One Lobby can hold (theoretical) infinite Arenas. A Lobby can be a Room or a platform or anything else.
    1. Go to the Place your lobby would fit.
    2. Type /zvp add lobby in your chat window.

    How to setup Arenas:
    1. Type /zvp add arena in your chat window. You will receive the ZvP tool.
    2. Left- and Right click the lowest and highest position. These two positions are the corner points. These will establish an rectangle sized arena. Make sure this points are INSIDE the arena!
    3. Customize the arena by editing the arena configuration.
    How to setup polygon sized/circular Arenas:
    1. Type /zvp add arena polygon in your chat window. You will receive the ZvP tool.
    2. Left- or Right click every corner of the arena. You can compare it with the polygon selection in WorldEdit. Make sure this points are INSIDE the arena!
    3. Finish your selection with /zvp add arena finish or clear the selection and start from the beginning with /zvp add arena clear
    4. Customize the arena by editing the arena configuration.
    How to setup custom spawn locations:
    1. Type /zvp add position in your chat window
    2. Go to your arena
    3. Click the locations where your spawns should be
    4. Type /zvp reload to reload the plugin
    How to setup a Arena PreLobby:
    A PreLobby is an extra Lobby between the Lobby and the Arena. All Players wait there together, choose their kits and join into the arena at the same time.
    1. Go to your PreLobby position. The PreLobby has to be in the same world and should not be included by the arena region!
    2. Type /zvp add [Arena-ID] preLobby
    3. To add PreLobby positions type /zvp add [Arena-ID] preLobbyPosition at your desired location.
    4. Type /zvp reload to reload the configuration.

    Video Tutorials

    English ZvP v2.6.1

    made by KreatorB

    Spanish ZvP v2.9.5

    made by Kor&Obi

    An older video tutorial for ZvP also made by KreatorB

    Other Links

    ZvP Gameplay: By Kor&Obi, By Bernie P
    Large ZvP Arena: Arena Schematics by KreatorB
    Small ZvP Arena: Arena Schematics by KreatorB
    Github: Source Code
    McStats: Plugin statistics
    GitHub releases: Github releases


    If you want to thank me for my work or just support my plugins you are now able to donate money over PayPal.

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Recent Reviews

  1. glob03
    Version: v2.9.6-2_1.9
    Great plugin, loads of fun to play, pretty simple to setup and get working, and seems to work nicely with other programs. This would be one of my favorite plugins.
  2. IKFFxRaPzZ
    Version: v2.9.6-2_1.9
    I am yet to use the plugin but it is working so far, i cant play it though.. due to my Feudal server increasing players health above 16 the game throws an error at the console saying health must be between 0 and 16 blah blah any way you can increase the limit?
  3. alexmilea
    Version: v2.9.6_1.9
    I love this plugin but there are too much signs to place. Can you make one signs with join and info? Example:
    Line1: ZvP
    Line2: namearena
    Line3 join
    Line4: placercounter
    1. Aubli
      Author's Response
      No. Sorry
  4. RedPool
    Version: v2.9.6_1.9
    GoodPlugin ♥ !
  5. Vaan
    Version: v2.9.5
    Good plugin, i have just one problem, when the game start, monsters spawn but cant't fight me, i dont understand why ... :/
    1. Aubli
      Author's Response
      Are you in some kind of God mode?
  6. Anomaly
    Version: v2.9.4
    Good to see you made it over to Spigot! I used this plugin for over a year and the dev was great! Very fun mini-game, needs to have some goals put in or achievments other than that, keep up the great work!
  7. foxi69
    Version: v2.9.3
    Thanks for make it free, its awsome plugin!

    Keep update this plugin and make better and better :D
    I dont like the premium plugins cause in the bukkit site everything is free...
    1. Aubli
      Author's Response
      Thank you.
  8. Gomze
    Version: v2.9.1
    This is just awsome!

    I spend 2.50€ but the Plugin sould be Premium! Awesome! I would spend 10€ in it! Nice bro!
    1. Aubli
      Author's Response
      Thank you for your donation. I may have an extra premium version in the future. For now its free.