ZombieWar (Games) 1.5

The Apocalypse in Minecraft ! (DayZ, WalkingDead etc.)

  1. HashOIRE
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
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    The Apocalypse in Minecraft !



    A Zombie Apocalypse in Minecraft !
    Hordes of zombies have invaded the world ! They want to kill !
    Most of the population was exterminated but a lot of people survived !
    You must will fight to survive !

    This plugin is good for a survival or for a game with your friends in a map. You can use this plugin for a lot of things.

    - The zombies have a speed Effect II !
    - When a player dead, he loot a Golden Apple and his Head. AND a Mega Zombie spawned with the name: "Spirit of nameofplayer". He has a Diamond Chestplate, a Speed Effect III and a Stone Sword !
    - When the player joined the server, he get a Chainmail armor, a Basic Gun (bone) and a Compass for track the player (an other plugin is required for track the player).
    - There are 6 weapons: *Basic Gun* (bone) - *Gun Start* (blaze rod) - *Sniper* (stone hoe) - *Bombs* (Egg) - *Knife* (Wooden Sword) - *Launcher* (Stick for launch the egg).
    - There is a Grapping (fishing rod), a Distress lights (Iron Horse Armor), a
    bandage (paper) for healing player, a Watch to remove the rain and more.
    - The plugin set automatically the difficulty 3 and the gamerule "doDaylightCycle false". You must set the night !
    - [NEW] The player has more life ! (20 heart)
    - [NEW] When a player move, he has an Effect of Smoke.
    - [NEW] Multiworld supported !

    When a player dead:
    nameoftheplayer has disappeared !
    His spirit wanders the city ! Take care, it can be spirited to follow you ...

    When you set the spawn:
    The spawn of ZombieWar was defined !

    When you teleport to spawn:
    You are teleported to the starting point !

    When you join the game:
    Welcome to ZombieWar !
    Your goal is to survive in this world where terror reigns !
    You have the opportunity to team up with people or play solitaire !

    When you use the paper:
    The treatment was painful, you're a little confused.

    The chat:
    nameoftheplayer >> message

    and more !

    Download the plugin
    2. Put in your folder Plugin
    3. Restart your Server
    4. Create a world "ZombieWar" (for play)
    And Enjoy :D

    Commands and Permissions:
    /zwsetspawn (zwsetspawn.use)
    /zwspawn (zwspawn.use)

    More Informations:
    - To spawn zombies , you must put spawners !
    - The plugin is updated regularly with lots of novelties.
    - You do not have permission to distribute this plugin
    - You do not have permission to decompile the plugin
    - A lot of sound is in the plugin :D

    If you want more information, my skype: maximecraft.official

    Sorry for my bad English but I am French ^^

    Enjoy !

Recent Updates

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    Version: 1.2
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      Author's Response
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