ZomSpawn 1.5

Spawn strong zombies, at players.

  1. williamslack977
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    This plugin is for those people who like stronger mobs, or spawning stronger mobs at other players. By using the command
    /zomspawn <Your name/Player name> you will spawn 5 zombies at the location of the player or you, The zombies are harder to beat 1-5 #1 the easiest and # 5 the hardest.
    When a player dies a invisible baby zombie will spawn in the place of the player's death.. Think of it as a Reaper collecting your soul, it will also kill any nearby players or villagers... I will be enhancing mobs in this plugin
    every update will have enhancement tweaks or new enhancements. Just look at the name tags of the mobs to see if they are enhanced or not.
    If this ^^permission doesn't work use:
    (ZS is the variable of ZomZpawn.ZS)

    NOTE: all plugins I make are tested without the interference of other plugins (no plugins besides the one I am developing). If there are incompatibilities I will try to fix it.

    I make plugins for fun so the more downloads a plugin gets the more I will add new features (until I can't anymore, the bigger my plugins are the easier they break XD). Feel free to invite me onto your servers my IGN: electrokin_97.

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