ZonesLib 0.1.1-SNAPSHOT

Allows to manage zones/areas (cuboid, cylinder, sphere, polygon)

  1. DerTod2

    This Library provides methods to create, delete and modify zones or areas (also called regions in worldguard).

    The features of this Library:
    • Four different types of zones possible
      • Cuboid
      • Cylinder
      • Sphere
      • Polygon
    • Fast detection of zones by specific position
    • Fast detection of colliding zones
    • Displays zones visually without client mods (thanks to @DarkBlade12)
    • Different included events
      • Player enters zone (can be cancelled)
      • Player leaves zone (can be cancelled)
      • ZoneInfoEvent (to identify zone holder plugin)
    • Integrated method to force zones to be fullHeight zones
    1. DatabaseHandler (github) (spigotmc)
    Put the jar file inside the plugins folder. Nothing more!

    Included Command
    The Plugin contains the command /zl or /zoneslib. This command allows to reload the plugin and search for updates.

    The Permissions are:
    /zl reload -- zoneslib.commands.zoneslib.reload
    /zl update -- zoneslib.commands.zoneslib.update

    To see update messages this permission is needed:

    HOWTO (for developers)
    There is an simple wiki to show all existing methods. (Wiki not done)

    Plugins which uses ZonesLib
    1. UltimateZones (github) (spigotmc)