ZP-RequestStaff 0.3

Allows Players To Get Help From Staff

  1. zanderlv
    ZP - StaffRequestHelp

    Also I Know Their Are Spelling Errors So Point Them Out To Me As We Grow Im Dyslexic So Its Hard To Spell
    1. It adds in a /helpme command where when a player dose /help they are sending help request to all your staff.If You Are Op It Is By-Passed And You Will Not See The Help MSG
    2. This plugin is 100% configurable and if its not tell me so i can fix it.
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    Upcoming Features

    We Are Working On Bungee.

    - Zp.Staff.Help allows them to see the help requests from the players <--- For Staff

    Minecraft Version
    1.8 and up

    1. Your Not Allowed To Decompile The Plugin To Modify It.
    2. Your Not Allowed To Repost The Plugin As Your Own.
    3. You Are Allowed To Make Videos Of The Plugin As Long As You Provide A Download Link To Here .
    4. You Are Allowed To Modify The Config File.
    If You Make A Video Pleas Send It To Me And Ill Add It To This Page.

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  1. Plukkies
    Version: 0.1
    Great plugin! I use it my server.