ZPsilkspawners 01.7

Give your players a chance to obtain spawners, per group permissions and economy support

  1. sander201247
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10

    This plugin allows you to give certain players a chance of mining monsterspawners with a silktouch pickaxe.
    You can set the chance rate for different groups, this allows you to give donators a higher spawn chance than normal players.
    The plugin also has a feature that forces your players to pay in-game money before they can mine the spawner. Eventough they pay, chances are that the spawner might break.
    • Very lightweight
    • Sell your players higher drop chances
    • No developer branding
    • Tested for 1.8.x - 1.10.X (1.7 should work)

    This plugin needs Vault and your favourite permission handler to work.

    /zpsilkspawners reload - zpsilkspawners.reload
    /zpsilkspawners help
    /zpsilkspawners version

    Code (Text):

    # === MESSAGES ===
    message-prefix: '&3(SilkSpawner): &7'
    message-success: 'Your spawner is silktouched!'
    message-fail: 'Your spawner broke!'
    message-click: 'You can silktouch a spawner (&6$var&7% success rate).'
    message-no-silk: 'You cannot silktouch a spawner.'

    # === PERMISSIOSN ===
    # You can use SilkSpawners.Silk.X where X is the %
    # Example: SilkSpawners.Silk.25 I have 25% success rate

    # === ECONOMY ===
    cost-on-break: 0
    charge-money-on-fail: false
    message-cost: 'Breaking a spawner costs &6$var&7.'
    message-no-money: 'You cannot pay &6$var&7 money! Your spawner will break!'

    # === OTHER ===
    # if lose-mob set to true the entity will not be saved.
    lose-mob: false
    # if click-message-only-survival is on true, the message from message-click wil only display when in survival.
    click-message-only-survival: false
    # if reduce-messages is on true it wil only send 1 message until you hit another block.
    reduce-messages: false

    # === ENTITYES ===
    # When a creeper breaks a spawner it can drop. default 4%
    creeper-succes: 4
    # When a tnt breaks a spawner it can drop. default 4%
    tnt-succes: 4

    # === VERSION ===
    # don't change this.
    version: 1.3

    If you encounter any problems, feel free to leave a comment
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Recent Reviews

  1. playwalks
    Version: 01.5
    I love this plugin but is their an option for random percents? 100 characters please................
  2. _xPandeRx_
    Version: 01.4
    ..........................................................................................Efficient, easy to use and configure
  3. idkallie
    Version: 01.1
    Works great!
  4. StonerBros
    Version: 01.1
    Great plugin! just any of these commands works!
    /zpsilkspawners reload
    /zpsilkspawners help
    /zpsilkspawners version

    For oped player even with permission nodes commands doesn't work. otherwise awesome plugin!
  5. YamiYugi047
    Version: 01.1
    Good plugin !
    But well to put a limit of sending of messages because if has clique 5 times on the spawner his spam a little too much :)

    Sorry for my bad english :/
    1. sander201247
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review! I will do something about that in the comming week
  6. AntoineFun
    Version: 01.1
    Excellent plugin ! No bugs, fully customisable, perfect !
    Only one thing, can you add a /zpsts reload to reload the config ?
    Thanks you so much ! :D
    1. sander201247
      Author's Response
      Working on it as we speak, stay tuned for an update!
  7. pacman9375
    Version: 01.1
    Great plugin! Works great and my players love it, I'll be sure to tell you any bugs ;)
    1. sander201247
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much! <3