¿Plugin of Tests?

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  1. I don't know is there is a plugin like that.
    A plugin that allow you to configure the questions and the answer, and that each answer corresponds to a number, and the number that has been repeated more times shows that executes a command (Like typic tests).
    For example, I want a test like that and depending the asnwers that puts in a group of PermissionEx or in other.
    My english is terrible, but I hope you understand me xD
  2. Yea um this doesn't sound like any test that I've ever taken in my life... And plus this is the wrong section to ask this
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  3. You probabily don't do a lot of tests...
    A test that there isn't a correct answer, all are correct, but each of the answers corresponds to a differents commands/texts, and depending what group of answer you select more, it executes a command or other.
  4. A better explanation of what OP wants:
    A plugin that asks players questions, and based on the given answers, a specified command is executed/action is taken. For example, the player answers X to question Y, command A gets executed, but if they answer Z, command B gets executed.
  5. Makes more sense what finnbon said.
  6. Are you making a Harry Potter server?

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  7. Much better Ravenclaw .-.
    It's a good idea for a plugin, but it already exists.
    Note: If someone will be developing it, I recommend you to follow the pottermore questions :p
  8. And if it already exits, what his name is?
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  10. You'll probably need a custom plugin then unless someone else discoveres something from the deep depths of bukkit dev.
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  11. If you want to talk of this custom plugin contact me ^^