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  1. I have had two problems for a long time, I looked for countless solutions but none of them helped me.
    The first problem has been the Ping on my tab, it indicates that it is very high but I do not witness lag at any time, when using / tps it is perfect. Why can this latency be false?
    Although it is something visual practically, the commands are executed instantly, when launching an item I also pick it up instantly, and outside I get a latency of 150-200 ms
    The tablist gives the server a bad image and I want to fix it.

    Second problem
    I think it has something to do with it, when entering my server for approximately 5 to 10 seconds I find myself delayed, it does not allow me to execute commands etc. The same thing happens to me when changing worlds of the multiverse.
    Lost packages? In other servers I go perfectly, in addition to many of my users the same thing happens.

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm using a translator. Any help will be appreciated have a nice day
  2. Where are you hosting?
  3. Use paper, much better. Spigot is really quite laggy and paper is much much faster
  4. This isn't 100% true... Paper just offers more control over variables running through the server jar, as paper is just a fork of spigot
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  5. Where is your server hosted compared to your current location? for example I'm in the UK and host in Canada for 100ms ping

    Ping to the server is generally an internet issue as opposed to the server lagging, as you can see your TPS is 20 so that's not lagging at all, and your memory usage is EXTREMELY low for the amount you have allocated to it. My verdict would be to move your server host to a server that is closer to you.
  6. Paper has over 1000 patches, improving the Minecraft server software whereas Spigot barely has 100. Paper absolutely is, without a doubt, much better than Spigot. It has more APIs, more settings, and more performance optimalisations. Saying "it's just a fork" is completely misleading.

    You're comparing two completely different things here. TPS and network latency has fundimentally nothing to do with each other. TPS indicates how fast the server is able to process the ticks (the work the server has to do). Your ping is network latency; data going from A to B. There is no relation between a good or bad TPS and a good or bad latency. Debug your network load and check your network speeds. Depending on where your servers and you are located, such ping may be perfectly normal.
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  7. I'm sorry if I came across as misleading with what I said, I was just meaning that the core of it is a fork of spigot. I know that paper is in essence superior to spigot.
  8. Thank you very much for your interest, responding generally, I use a dedicated one hosted in Canada, as I told you in the tablist it marks an exaggeratedly high ping but I do not feel any delay. Something curious is that if I run a version like 1.8 all these problems are solved. Since it lets me in easily without receiving those seconds of delay until the ping is what I really have.
    Postscript: I used both paper and spigot, in both I have the same mishap
  9. Somewhere around the release of 1.12, somebody broke the way the server maintained each player's ping time, with the result being the values are way too high. Any plugin using the times calculated by Spigot will show the incorrect values.

    I have a plugin which calculates the ping times itself and provides much more accurate values:
    (Note that the first ping is measured immediately after the client connects, when it is very busy receiving the world data. This can result in the first ping time being very high. After 25 seconds, it will be updated with a new, more realistic value.)

    My plugin won't work with your current tablist plugin, of course.

    You could move your dedicated server to Miami. Bisecthosting has servers there:
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