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    AdvancedMobArena | MultiArena | Kits | Shop | Signs - An advanced mob arena with many features

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  2. Add in a GUI for in-game wave, mob and config editing, and I think people will even buy it for double or even triple the price!
  3. @FooRiNGeST Haven't looked into it much but the thing I dislike about reg mobarena is that there was no setting to allow use of current player items instead of kits. Is that possible with this?
  4. Good idea, I'll try to do it.

    Currently no, but I'll add this option in next update.
  5. Sounds good, does it have custom bosses with abilities like the original?
  6. Currently no, but I planned add this option in future, I working on this now.
  7. @FooRiNGeST Hey, I see it hooks into vault, I hoping it will then work with gringotts? As well as what can be used for economy with this? Like can you have a cost to start/enter the arena?
  8. I don't know if it will work with gringotts, but I'll check it.
    As for economy, currently, the entrance to the arena is free, but I'll add option to set cost for it. Also it have a shop and some kits have cost.
  9. IF I recall, gringotts uses vault's api. So in a sense, it should be able to work with it. But yeah adding a cost to the arena would be cool.
    Possible separate cost per arena. There are rewards, correct? I am kind of too lazy to go into reading the documentation, easier to just ask.
    What I would like to set up is various arenas that vary in difficulty, the higher the difficulty the higher the entrance cost and the higher the reward.
  10. Every arena will have cost option, so you can set different cost for arenas. Yes, every arena have rewards and wave options, so you can set different rewards and waves for every arena.
  11. And each wave has its own mobs and mob count? So for all the questions, thanks.
  12. Yes, in the config you can create your own wave with any mobs with mobs amount and then set it wave to any arena.