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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by NightExpress, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. Is there documentation on adding mythic mobs into the arenas, or any examples of an arena config that uses them?
  2. You can check the config on plugin page, it contains comments how to use MM in arena.
  3. Can't even create an arena. I set the mob spawns in the GUI, doesn't set them or make them in the config. I add them via config, they don't get added in game and act as if they aren't even there.

    Can't toggle the arena either with the mob spawn issue:

    "Error while enabling arena: Mob spawn points are not setted!"

    Basically a bricked plugin at this stage.
  4. Andre_601


    I have the same trouble...
  5. portugues:
    depois que morre nao volta a esmeralda, ou não tem comando para pegar os kits em jogo, os npc nao funcionam , nao da para dicionar flechas ou leite na loja
    After he dies he does not return to the emerald, or he has no command to get the kits in play, the npc do not work, he does not dictate arrows or milk in the store
  6. Check the new versino please.

    Could you write more details? I can't fully understand what you mean.
  7. Sikatsu


    Receiving reports that not all mobs are spawning, causing the next wave not to start.
  8. It's strange, I'll check it.
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  9. I can not get the plugin to work. I try to set up, following all the steps, but it says I've missed a step e.g. "You have not set the Mob Spawners" or "Player spawn not set" Pls help me.
  10. Whenever someone dies, they are teleported back into the arena to die again and lose their items and XP. I have save inventory and save XP to be enabled. I have set the spectating spawns and everything is set correctly.

    Another big issue.
  11. What version you're using?

    I'll check it. Also do you using arena option that called 'death-per-player' ?
  12. Check the new version please. If it not solve your problem, check all arena spawners for correct locations. If it also not solve your problem, write me a PM with your arena settings.

    Try the new version please. If it not solve your problem, write more details please like step-by-step about how you setting up the arena.

    Try the new version. If it not solve your problem, try to reset all arena locations except mob-spawners, in some version it was buggy.
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  13. Sikatsu


    Alright, thanks! Next up team stats? xD
  14. I think yes.
  15. Andre_601


    A question: Will the plugin support symbols like ä, ü. ö, ect.?
    I want to translate it to german. But in most cases, I need to put every message with ö, ä, ü or something else into single quotation marks (')

    But when I do this, the complete file will be empty after a normal serverrestart...

    EDIT: Does the Boss can have potion effects? If not. Can you add it? :D
  16. I think yes, just follow the YAML syntax.

    Yes, I already planned to do it.
  17. Andre_601


    How about a "survival-Mode"

    Each player fight normal agains monsters. But the game is over, if only one player is left. And this player wins.

    I hope you understand, what I mean...