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  1. @FooRiNGeST
    Hi, use actionbar was enable and the plugin not use it... Maybe because I use titles?

    Also, is it possible for you to use the XP bar to display the countdown and add a sound for 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5,4,3,2,1 ? It could be really nice I think ;)

    Thank you
  2. So, it doesn't displays wave intervals?

    It's possible, but I think it can cause some issues with player exp. What about boss bar for this?
  3. I already use bossbar to display a lot of things on my server.

    Some issues? A lot of lpugin use it without any conflict, but you are the dev :)

    Or use titles to display the coutndown before game start with sounds, it can be fine too, no?
  4. Sounds good, will be added!
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  5. You are amazing ;)
  6. Sikatsu


    Not sure why, but I can't use /ama setspectator <arena> and /ama remove hologram

    No errors are given.
  7. /ama setspectator was changed to /ama setspectate <Arena>

    /ama remove hologram should be /ama hologram remove
  8. Sikatsu


    I meant /ama hologram remove. Nothing pops up, the holograms just stay.
  9. Try to come closer to the hologram.
  10. Sikatsu


    I'm inside the hologram, doesn't work.
  11. Try to run a command /ama reload and then try to remove it again.
  12. Sikatsu


    Server restart worked, but I guess the command should be looked in for the next version.
  13. Yes, I'll check it!
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  14. I have it set on the final wave, yet it still simply continues the countdown of the arena until it's finished - regardless of whether you kill the boss or not.

    Also, I have a command reward set on the completion of the arena, yet it doesn't seem to work - no errors on finish, and the format of the command is perfect
  15. Ah, now I understand, will be fixed!

    If you setted rewards on the last wave, try to move it on previous wave, because the arena ends earlier than players gots rewards. Will be fixed also.
  16. Thank you! Not trying to rush you, but do you have an estimated release for the next update?

    Aside from that, thank you for always replying quickly! ^^
  17. I can't say exactly, because I started to recoding plugin (yes, again) to fully improve it. I think in 1-2 weeks, not later.
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  18. Appreciate the answer, is there any possibility of getting a minor update to the old code to fix the kit editing issue? Would really appreciate that, but it's understandable if you don't! ^^
  19. You can try to fix it self, the error is point that you missed data value for option 'ItemGUI' in some kits. So, it should be '5:0' instead of '5', for example.
    If this won't help you, I'll make an update to fix it.
  20. Hello @FooRiNGeST !

    Great plugin! I have a question and a feature request. Is it possible to arrange the orientation of the kits in the kit selector GUI?

    While using the "Freeze Wave" option, it would be great to have an additional item in the scoreboard that shows how many mobs are remaining.

    Thanks! :cool:
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