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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by NightExpress, Dec 20, 2017.

  1. Is there a way to delete the hologram on top of the chestshop? It’s bugged

    Also a player restock his stuff in the chest to sell, but when a player buy it the quantity doesn’t go down, almost like the shop of the player is an admin shop
  2. I just come into my idea that would it be possible to use min and max price to for example the more people sell it or buy it it get's more expensive and if no one is buying for a time price goes down :), Just an idea ;)
  3. Suggestion: support to right click an npc instead of having to type the id in order to link a shop to it.
  4. hey you said, update java 16, but survival 1.16 does not support java 16
  5. what
  6. why you need in auction and chest shop
    when you can set it per permission ?
  7. Console errors?

    There are some difficulties with that, so not anytime soon I guess.

    I'll see if I can implement it for editor.

    why you need per permission when you can set it per rank?
  8. you said I have to install java 16, but minecraft versions like 1.16 does not support java 16
  9. uhh.. yes it does?
    Currently hosting a 1.16.5 server using Java 16.

    Most java versions are backwards compatible, so if a program is coded for java 10 or 11 etc, they can also run on java 16.
    The issues mainly happens when you try to run newer software (coded for java 16) on older java versions.
  10. well, I installed java 16, but I did not work
  11. logs
  12. No error at all, when I player delete their chestshop is deleted it but the armor stand with hologram stays I have to manually delete it
  13. upload_2021-8-2_14-9-27.png something like this right?
  14. Exactly! Or the chestshop bug when a player breaks it or place a double chest or when they destroy a block under
  15. I think we are using old version, we should update
  16. Im using latest version :)
  17. when you have multiple groups that player can have, sometimes it's use the wrong amount from lower weight group
  18. Server version?

    Delete specified files from chestshop folder.

    It uses the greater value.
  19. 1.17.1