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  1. Doubt: it works in 1.17.1?
  2. Not yet
  3. What's the problem? I dont understand
  4. I have Change the Präfix in the config (&a[name]) that Crash the config
  5. put it in single quotes ' '
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  6. Hello with me, the plugin is great and I think it is really great. I only work the timber not that I use the Realistic World Generator maybe you can make it compatible in the future with it desired on 1. 16. 5!

    New *the whole woodcuttin skill does not work with the Realistic world generator
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  7. I found another problem I always lose the xp for each activity first. but when I do a reload I get the xp and do not always lose xp

    ! : you lost 3 exp from excavation skill for grass block
    ! : you lost 2 exp from mining skill for stone

    I’d like to get exp. but for every activity I lose exp
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  8. It should work with any trees, but I'll see what I can do

    It works fine for me, have you did any changes to skill configs?
  9. I have only adjusted in the config. yml something like the data bank but otherwise I have left everything like that and changed nothing to the skills. It is with me so that he after a restart of the server you lose the exp. But if I reload the server then I get the exp as it should be. Very strange
  10. I have also noticed that it happens not only when restarting the server but also when re-enting the server
  11. I still can not reproduce this issue, try to disable other plugins
  12. I use the moneyhunters plugin to
  13. Maybe the moneyhunters of you trying problems with your skills plugin

    But I can not take out all the other plugins because of the skill plugin. Because I need important other plugins. There’s got to be another way to fix this bug.
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  14. I mean disable plugins to check if xp issue is persist
  15. I have now created a server where I have installed only the Nexengine & skillmeup. itself error so it seems to be due to no other plugin

    I didn’t change anything at all. I have only packed the plugins in the folder

    Server Version Spigot-1.16.5

    Plugin Version 1.0.0 Beta Sunday at 2:46 AM
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  16. Try new version
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