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  1. Logs
  2. it’s fine thanks!
  3. Would it be possible to add compatibility with CMI holograms, please?
  4. No way
  5. Plugin sounds interesting, but the lack of documentation makes it a no-go for me. Add actual documentation and I'll consider buying.
  6. Hello Dear NightExpress, its me Antrox.

    I want to buy the plugin, but
    I want to ask when will Fishing skill be added?
  7. I remember you, haha

    No ETA, need more skill ideas for it atm.

    P.S. You purchased many resources I did which are dead now, so I added you to buyers now.
  8. Ah thank you! You are so kind!
    I will try the plugin now :)
  9. I've found one bug:
    All other skills works fine with the placeholder, but just not that one.

    Also one question: Will/can there be possible to show Boss_Bar everytime a player gets any Skill Exp instead of using the Action Bar? :)
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  10. Will be fixed

    Yes, in the next updates
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