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  1. I thought about it but the suggestion forum is closed (, there is no jira for bungeecord and md5 does not want to receive messages about bugs reports on spigotmc. Moreover md5 is rather active on github, but he probably doesn't have any solution or time for our problem since he does not answer. :confused:
  2. Do you accept Paysafecard?
  3. Yes I sent you a message. :)
  4. Anybody else using this product getting asked by mcspam to buy their products? Or am I just the lucky bugger he's targeting?
  5. Do they continue to spam you? :confused:
  6. Is there any way to have this plugin tell the admin what the "names" of the mods are?
    If not, could you make a 'mod'
    that i could ADD to my servers Mod pack that could communicate with the plugin to tell the server what client mod names there are? and allow the server to disable specific mods client side wise?

    I run a mostly vanilla server and we have a Suvival friendly map plugin that makes maps more useful in vanilla same with compass's but id like to disable all Minimap mods client side users are using.
  7. Hello, Your plugin seems awesome. Does it detect all types of "worlddownloader"?
  8. It detects the default version, some "undetectables" versions and schematica. But it is probably possible to found or create himself a really undetectable version which cannot be detected by HackedServer. :)
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  9. Pls support this in Cauldron 1.7.10
  10. Hello,

    I'm searching a way to check if my players use Optifine (Normal or Forge installation). Is it possible to execute a command if a player join with this mod?

    Bye :p
  11. Unfortunately optifine is not detected. :'(
  12. It should already work, it is not?