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  1. Can you prohibit players from adding specific mods?
  2. I feel like this plugin has 20 updates per day, but so far in 1.13 and 1.14 you can't really use it as it recognizes nothing.. I am not sure why I would run this on 1.13 and 1.14, sorry. Uninstalled it.
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  3. If I am not wrong this plugin can now detect mods with bungeecord if I am correct I think the image should be updated xD:

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  4. I've just seen your message now when I was coming to send you a message because I have an answer about my problems for detecting forge 1.13+ users. To start sorry for making you wait so long without response, but I was busy enough, for a few days I have a lot more time (that's why you've seen a lot of update of hackedserver: I'm trying to catch up).

    I had several big problems to solve:
    - compatibility with bungeecord (it's now fixed)
    - compatibility with forge 1.13+ (currently impossible I will explain after)
    - support forge competitors like Fabric (I just started documenting myself)

    About the forge 1.13+ compatibility here is the problem:
    With 1.13 the packet PlayOutCustomPayload changed (it's now using a MinecraftKey for the channel instead of a simple String) and that's why I am using to make the forge client it is connected to a forge server. The constructor is using a String but not every string works and the old channel (FML|HS) can't work so I was looking for the new one. There is no really documentations ( is not up to date so that's quite hard but in the afternoon I had the chance to talk about it with inventivetalent tr7zw and MiniDigger (who are really nice btw) and tr7zw someone showed me that class from the forge source code:
    The handshake isn't ready so currently it's not even possible. But my code is ready and once it will be available I'll update HackedServer.

    I'm really sorry about it, I thought I could help you but I can't for the moment, so if you want pm me and I'll refund you the plugin because if you bought it only for the mods forge detection feature and you only have 1.13+ players there is no reason for you to keep it. I'm sorry.
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  5. Yep it is and yep someone is working on it (you'll have the best description you've never seen). Thanks for the edit I'll use it now.
  6. No problem it was a simple edit :)
  7. Nope but you can use HackedServer to detect that they are using these mods and then kick or ban then automatically. :)
  8. Do you still have this error?
  9. Why Chocolate for Vanilla ?

    Chocolate's users = Utilisateurs de Chocolat Pourquoi ?
  10. Chocolate's users = non vanilla users
    (because it is easier to say chocolate that non vanilla)
  11. [15:03:14 INFO]: [HackedServer] ggg's mods
    [15:03:14 INFO]: - FML v8.0.99.99
    [15:03:14 INFO]: - minecraft v1.12.2
    [15:03:14 INFO]: - forge v14.23.1.2555
    [15:03:14 INFO]: - myskin v14.7
    [15:03:14 INFO]: - mcp v9.42

    I added MOD on the client side.

    but ,when i use command hs forge check ggg .i cant find this XRay MOD
  12. That is because this version of xray has a bypass, I can't really fix that, sorry.
  13. understood. Is it as long as it is not displayed, is it because these mods can be bypassed?
  14. In fact I'm using a little trick to get the forge modlist and xray (some others mods too) can bypass this little trick so they are not in the modlist that I'm receiving.

  15. OK
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