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    Outpost - Efficient and Configurable w/Rewards (1.7-1.14) - 24/7 capture zone with configurable benefits to the owner of the zone.

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  2. Version: Outpostv1.1 // Paper Spigot: 1.14.4 // Java 8.0
    You need a little bug fix. If i create an outpost, i get this:

    I test your plugin on: // Spigot 1.14 // Java 8.0, and get
    this error code on console:
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  3. @Etho6 Try updating your worldedit and spigot version. That is a old bug in Spigot and worldedit clashing.
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  4. I update the full new versio (wg/we 7.01), and paper spigot build:234.. and same error..
  5. Check normal spigot, not paper.
  6. Meanwhile, bought this like 5 hours ago, still didn't appear
  7. Does this plug-in support SavageFaction?
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    Many Fixes + Changes

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  9. I was wondering if you could add support to GangsPlus

    Also, maybe a few screenshots of the plugin in action would be dope~
  10. please support Towny
  11. Could you support Fabled Skyblock ?
  12. When I attempt to do /outpost create it says an internal error has occurred. Same error happens on both paper spigot 1.15.2 and normal spigot 1.15.2. Am i doing something wrong?
  13. Is there a test server?
  14. Why this plugin is SO BUGGY!!??
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    Plugin Revamp!

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