“You don’t have access to this server” the Server whispers. Help?

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    This seems to be only happening to some players on my server. I have no clue what the issue is, I believe it’s from a plugin but I don’t know what plugin.

    For some players this message appears then they get kicked after a few seconds.

    Our plugins are:


    Thank you.
  2. Are you by any chance running multicraft?
  3. Yeah this is Multicraft.
  4. Maybe look into the Connect Messages plugin.

    Also, how is your server setup? Is it a normal Spigot server or a bungee network?

    The message in the screenshot provided looks to be using/mimicking the /whisper command..
  5. Just a normal Spigot server, is the ConnectMessages plugin causing the issue?
  6. That's what we are trying to find out. What does the plugin do exactly? I can't find anything by searching for the plugin name.

    Try removing it if it's not vital to your server and see if the issue persists.
  7. Oh this is actually a custom plugin, our joining and leaving messages weren't working so we custom made this, that's all it is I highly doubt it has to do with this as the few other posts I've seen about this issue don't have to do with anything like that.
  8. I have done a search through most of the plugins you have on your server, and the only one that is a mystery is the ConnectMessages plugin. Did you develop it, or someone else?

    Also, what is the kick message, when the player is kicked?

    Does anyone else have access to your multicraft panel?
  9. A very good friend of mine has developed it, only me and him have access to the MultiCraft panel. The kick message goes something along the lines of "An operator has kicked you from the server".

    It's a very, very, basic plugin, probably like 10 lines of code max.
  10. Something isn't right then. Double check your op file on the server and also make sure there are no other users on your multicraft panel.

    Also, try looking into the code of the plugin yourself, by opening up the current JAR you have. Extreme I know, but it pays to be careful.

    Did you obtain your spigot through BuildTools?
  11. I believe I downloaded it right from here, on the official site.
  12. So you used the BuildTools.jar to build your own Spigot Server jar?

    What version is your server? 1.12?
  13. Figured out the issue, the person trying to connect was on our old IP which was hosted separately.
  14. Great to hear! It was a strange one...