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Like Mineplex

  1. _FireBoss_ submitted a new resource:

    GroupJoinMenssages - Prefix to enter the server

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  2. Hey, could you rename this to "GroupJoinMessages"? It would look a lot more professional. :)
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  3. What the hell even is this? How was this actually approved?
  4. Maybe if the author used normal english, I would understand what this does.
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  5. Free resources don't need approval.
  6. "This plugin will not But my message input of Functional players to network"
    Uhm, try to learn english, instead of copy-pasting from a translator, this doesn't even make sense, as far as I see, you probably ment:
    This plugin will change the login messages for players with certain permission, allowing you to customize the messages to whatever you wan't, useful for networks.
    And for the permissions, you listed:
    - gjm.group

    But what I see in the code is:
    - gjm.group.{number}
    Number between 1 and 15

  7. Can you explain what this plugin does?
  8. Honestly.. "Like mineplex" Does absolutely nothing.. There are tons of things there.. I understand your main language is not english. But it would be helpful to have someone translate.
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    GroupJoinMessages 2.0

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