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  1. Hello, I would like to know if there is a complement able to change the mysterious dust of the coins or vice versa. For example, I have 12 mysterious things and I want money, because I take those mysterydust and tranform in 1000 coins. Excuse me, my English is not the best.
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  2. Uhh.. I don't really know what you are talking about.
    But I assume this is a Plugin Request?
  3. Change money (/eco give) for minigame money (/sk give)[EXAMPLE]
  4. Please be more specific
  5. I do not know how to be more specific. What I want is for you to exchange coins from an economy plugin for coins from a mini-game plugin, for example, SkywarsReloaded. A MONEY CHANGER
  6. You could use command blocks to execute both commands one that takes one currency and one that gives another. If you have some coding skills command that does what you are looking for can be made easily. You can also use some command based shop system.
  7. Yeah if the mini game plugin you want to exchange money from has an API this can be done easily, otherwise you could also make console execute commands to remove and add coins/money to players.
  8. There is no plugin? Sir....
  9. I need one plugin basically
  10. Your minigame plugin doesnt have economy support?

    We need a way to detect how many coins the player has to tranfer it to your economy plugin. Basicly the developer of the mingame plugin needs to add support.
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  11. A plugin such as this does not exist, you will need a custom one made.
    Vault would be a good solution but the developer of SkywarsReloaded is inactive.
    he want a plugin which changes the /eco command to /sk
    ex. from /eco give <player> 1000 to make it /sk give <player> 1000
  13. Then should I create my own plugin?
  14. That would give you the best results and most configuration options.

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