Spigot ▶ ChatReport ◀ | Report a player's chat history 1.1

Report a player's chat history and log it.

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    ▶ ChatReport ◀ | Report a player's chat history - Report a player's chat history and log it.

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  2. Is there also a 1.10+ version of this plugin??
  3. It should be backwards compatible (just because it says tested on 1.8 doesn't mean it won't work on future versions)
  4. It's not a bad review but only that many servers have an antispam interacting with the public chat these plugins are useful also for private chat
    In which antispam does not act unless it is developed
  5. Can you maby make a Bungeecord version to?
  6. as in tell staff members across the entire network? you can currently sync reports using MySQL
  7. Fatpigs, what IP is the plugin trying to connect to our databases with? I am having trouble getting the DBs to work and I have a feeling that it's just probably not added to the Remote MySQL of my Database
    If it connects with the server IP then I need help because I've already added each of my servers' ips.
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