Bukkit ▶ MyArenaMinigame ◀ 1.4.3

➤ A huge Minigame API ● 45 different Minigames (SG, KitBattle, SkyWars, GunGame, BW, WB, Sumo ...)

  1. MindoTv submitted a new resource:

    ▶ MyArenaMinigame ◀ - ➤ Eine umfangreiche Minigame API (QuickSG, TeamQuickSG, SurvivalGames, Deathrun, PvP, TeamvsTeam)

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  2. What is the password of the site?
  3. Oh, sorry I will remove it
  4. Maybe can you make it english and add bungeecord support with motd
  5. Sorry I will not translate it to english. (You can choose your language in the navigation > global icon)
    There is already a bungeecord mode. You can enable it in the config.yml
  6. The Plugin is in english. Only the documentation is german.
  7. Does bungeemode have a changeble MOTD?
  8. Yes, shure.

    Code (Text):
      enable: false
      Arena: Name
        enable: false
        Servername: Lobby
        Header: '[nextline]&aMyArenaMinigame &f[unicode->>] &7QuickSG[nextline]'
        Footer: ' [nextline]&aTeamSpeak: &7TS.Servername.net [nextline]&aHomepage: &7Servername.net[nextline]'
        Loading: '&bLoading...'
        Lobby: '&aLobby'
        InGame: '&cInGame'
        Ending: '&6Ending'
  9. Wird der Download Button auf der Website auch aktualisiert? Ist nämlich etwas verwirrend, wenn da die alte Version steht.
  10. Danke, habe ich anscheinend vergessen. Mach ich gleich.
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  11. Maybe can you add arena voting for bungeecord
  12. Maybe in feature as addon
  13. So it's has an API? Could I make a game with the API?
  14. Yes, shure.
    You can look at the developers Wiki, but it´s not finished.

    You can also decompile the Minigames and look at the plugin code.

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